Class Duration: 1 hour

Pole Dance is a combination of pole elements, acrobatics, and it is spiced up with some choreography. This is strength, beauty, and grace, this is the development of femininity and self-confidence, this is a great way to a trim figure and a great mood.

Only by trying, can you appreciate all the advantages of our “fitness machine”. During training on the pole, the muscles of the whole body work: arms, legs, buttocks, abs and back. The pole dance classes are very energy intensive and universally recognized as an effective type of fitness. No special background is required.

The instructor gives the elements, starting with the most basic ones. Then more, step by step.

All in increasing order: tricks, combinations, various transitions, twists and rotations. Come and we will teach you how to “fly”!

Training outfit: T-shirt, top, short shorts (not denim), special pole dance set and if possible, a swimsuit.

Why do I like it?

“I would like to challenge my ability, I would like to have a sexy and healthy body with tone and some muscles. Of course, I feel great, more confident and empowered. I have been training for 7 months with much more improvement. And it has become one of my favorite sports which I will train and won’t stop doing.”

What our students say about pole dance:

“ What is pole dance for you?”

Victoria: “For me, pole dance is like a psychotherapy session. This is a revelation to myself. Success depends only on your own efforts. You can be capricious and lazy, but you can work with incredible perseverance, and in the end get a lot of pleasant emotions and pride for yourself that you COULD do it! .. Pure energy ”

Olga: “Pole dance is a beautiful sport, where power is hidden behind the elegance and grace.”

Bella Thirapan Narongkool:“For me, I am always up for trying something new and challenging, especially when it comes to something about working out my body. I have learned many sports as I am an athlete so I think pole dancing is one of the sports I can perform in a sexy way that and it doesn’t seem that hard. But the first few classes I try, I must say OMG! It was so amazingly hard, it’s like mix of gymnastics and Yoga and I almost gave up, but I’d not done that, and with my friend cheering me on, I kept training. Additionally, I researched what the benefits of Pole Dancing were, which much more that I expected.